Lively and passionate yoga girl from Estonia.

Sports have always been a big part of my life. Lot of dancing, athletics, jogging, gym time. Therefor I was always sure that my future job will be connected with movement and health. Few years ago I went to my first yoga class where I realised the importance of connecting body with mind. I noticed how good it feels to get at least one hour a day just for myself.  I continued to attend the classes and after two years I decided to go to yoga school as well. 

So far I have finished Vinyasa Yoga 200h teacher training. I am truly excited to share my experiences, inspire others and motivate them to find true inner peace to become their healthiest self.

In my classes, as love fitness, you may find a bit of strength and yoga mixture, but l I promise you one real relaxation at the end of the lesson. ;)

Classes in English :)